Nathan Fisk

Nathan Fisk

Nathan Fisk

IT Geek & Photographer

Nathan Fisk - Linux/Security Geek & Photographer

About Me


I’m a 37-year-old IT geek from Swindon with a particular passion for Networking and IT Security. Outside of IT I'm a keen photographer and have been lucky enough to shoot three weddings.

Outside of my day job, I enjoy programming for the web with Django, a Python based framework.

I live in Swindon with my wife, June, where we play a lot of board games!

A Beautiful Moment

Wedding Photography

An example of my work in portrait photography. This photo captures a loving embrace during the couple's first dance.

"What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce." - Karl Lagerfeld

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Landscape Photography

An example of my work in landscape photography. An evening sunset at Swindon's iconic Coate Water

"Photography, as a powerful medium…offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution." - Ansel Adams

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 Coate Water Sunset

IT Work


My career in IT started supporting desktop technologies back in 2001, from Windows NT4 right through to Windows 7. After this I specialised in supporting a mobile BYOD infrastructure for a large enterprise.

Nowadays I work in a Windows server support role looking after (amongst other things) the internet bank for a major UK financial services company. My primary role involves in-depth problem analysis, analysing trace data from multiple sources.

I am also on a personal mission to Powershell the world!

My Skills

Wireshark Analysis 9/10


IIS Administration 8/10


Windows Server Administration 9/10




Memory Dump Analysis7/10


Python Development8/10


IT Security8/10


Windows Server Performance Analysis8/10


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