Who is this guy?

Well, my name is Nathan and I live in a town called Swindon in the UK. I’m pictured with my wife, June, on holiday in sunny Wales.

I work as an Azure site reliability engineer these days, working with Terraform, AZ CLI, and Azure DevOps. It’s quite fun really. In my 20 year career I’ve done a number of roles and have picked up a varied skillset throughout my storied path. Recently I worked to improve performance and stability, as well as solve problems, in a multi-tiered Windows server estate. My toolkit consisted of Perfmon, WireShark, and various SysInternals tools (vmmap, procmon etc). I’m a big believer that sysadmins should know how to break down a network trace because so much protocol-level magic can be seen in those packets and it’s often the best place to find the source of truth.

Outside of work, I love dev work and am the sole developer of a fully automated NFL predictions game. The site is written in Django and VueJS and makes use of things like Celery and Redis, while calling on an ESPN API for data. Right now I’m (very slowly) learning Go, which is partly why I chose Hugo as the framework for this blog.

When I’m not sat at a computer I like to keep fit down my local gym and can sometimes be seen monkeying around at my local Ninja Warrior training gym.